How do I download Mumble?

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Hi family how are you? Today in this article, I will tell you about Mumble a server software you can discuss freely.

Here for you or download it?

What is Mumble in a nutshell

Mumble is a voice (and text) chat application, otherwise known as voip software. It was originally developed for use in video games, and therefore is optimized for that use. However, this optimization benefits all other uses, including “classic” chat. Among similar software, we can mention the famous skype, although these two softwares differ on their working principle. Mumble has a system of customizable and easily modifiable skins.

They are written in css and with simple images (often png’s). Most of the appearances are already found on the web, especially from clans or game clubs. Some of them modify the design, changing the contrast (dark background and light text), the whole software (menus, configuration & settings windows), icons, etc..


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