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Hello to you, here is my opinion on the video game War of Warplanes which is a plane fight simulation game. It’s a game from the famous group of egamePlay War Gaming with World of Tank. It’s a competitive game where there are a lot of online tournaments, to our knowledge no LAN on this game.


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Download and discover World Of Warplanes

First of all, here is the website to discover video games, here is the link to the official website By clicking here, you will be able to download the World Of Warplanes video game.

What’s World Of Warplanes?

In June 2011, wargaming. Rigorous affirmed the medium world of warplanes and published a text on the platform of world of tanks. In early 2012, world of warplanes enters alpha test period on Russian bartender only. The medium counted of this era 3 modern trees (German, and Russian) and 2 trumps (port, a small part of which takes again the homonymous card of world of tanks, and novorossiisk).

The stand didn’t exist yet, we were represented in the air, rotating propellers, in the middle of the clouds. On February 23rd, 2012, world of warplanes enters in phase of world alpha test on 3 bars: russia ( ru ), europe ( ue ) and america of the moors ( na ).

The pacific map is mounted during this phase, but we have them from agora vi to x only. The first stand on the ground and the bombs also make their introduction, joining the rockets already available.

On May 30, 2012, the medium is approached in beta test select. During this phase, the national park map is mounted, the high peak dca is implemented. On the other hand, the ont had different elements to look for and the bombs and rockets took part in the manoeuvrability characteristics of the ont.




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